Innovative Automobile Design Competition of the “2019 Global Additive Manufacturing Application Innovation Competition”

(1) The competition proposition is released by

Huarong Printing and several automobile manufacturing plants

(2) Introduction

The theme of the Innovative Automobile Design Competition in the “2019 Global Additive Manufacturing Application Innovation Competition” was jointly released by Huarong Printing and several automobile manufacturing plants. This competition is aimed at discovering innovative applications of 3D printing in personalized automotive designs. We hope to enhance the innovative application of 3D printing in the automobile industry by comprehensively integrating design, materials and techniques amongst other aspects based on additive manufacturing.

The application of 3D printing in the automobile industry is shifting from a functional prototype to auto parts. This technology is being applied to the chassis, interior, functional parts, car seats, engines, cooling systems, bionics application and futuristic cars manufacturing, and personalized production amongst other aspects of the automobile industry. The 3D printing molding technique can allow designers to freely explore their creativity. Moreover, with the help of innovative materials, this technique can certainly unleash a great potential of lightweight automobiles. Participating teams in this competition need to make quality vehicles or auto parts using 3D printing technology and at the same time factor in customization, lightweighting, and personalization. They need the participating teams to provide complete 3D printing solutions and physical models.

(3) Objectives of the competition

With the 3D printing’s innovative application in the automobile industry as the foundation, we would make a comprehensive evaluation of the participating teams or individuals’ understanding of additive manufacturing and optimal structure designing amongst other aspects. We would select outstanding solutions based on their performance in personalization, lightweighting and materials.

The Innovative Automobile Design Competition of 2019 “Global Additive Manufacturing Application Innovation Competition” would unleash the potential of the automobile industry by integrating accuracy, materials and efficiency into 3D printing/additive manufacturing technology. We hope to improve the 3D printing technology and the comprehensive performance of automobiles to meet users’ needs. On top of that, we want to produce actual products and continuously promote innovations and breakthroughs of automobile design.

(4) Submission requirements for the entries

A. Materials to be submitted for initial evaluation:

B. Materials to be submitted for the second-round evaluation

(5) Competition dates

Registration for the competition starts on: June 10th, 2019

Deadline for submitting entries: September 30th, 2019

(6) Qualified contestants

Teachers and students of colleges and universities from home and abroad, scientific research institutions, design studios, individual designers, 3D printing related companies, etc.

We encourage and hope participating teams are formed by members of different professions. The organizing committee can also assist participating teams/persons to find members of appropriate professions or provide 3D printing relevant technical support (if needed).

(7) Competition evaluation process

A. Preliminary evaluation

Predominantly evaluating the solution. According to the evaluaion criteria of each competition, judges will make evaluations online and select outstanding entries for the second-round (final) evaluation.

B. Second-round (final) evaluation

Predominantly evaluating the 3D printed objects (it could be the whole object or part of it, i.e. an equal section in proportion to the objects, a large segment of it or its component modules). After entries for the second-round evaluation are selected in the initial evaluation, selected contestant teams of each of the competition units need to make a 10-minute presentation using the 3D printed products. Based on the evaluation standards for the second round, the evaluation panel, consisting of scientific research experts, industrial representatives and investment experts, would discuss and carry out appraisals, and then decide the first, second and third prize winners according to the following aspects: the 3D printed objects, test reports of professional assessment agencies (if any), and contestants’ performance in the Q&A session.

(8) Competition rewards process

  1. We would give monetary rewards to the prize winning teams or individuals (One 1st prize: 30,000 yuan; Two 2nd prizes: 20,000 yuan; Three 3rd prizes: 10,000 yuan; 10 awards of excellence: award certificates);

  2. Based on innovative ideas and relevant practical requirements for 3D printing technologies of the prize winning teams or individuals, we would find companies to support them and to develop the products together with them, and we will also assist them in applying for invention patents and other patents;

  3. According to the comprehensive evaluation results, the 3D Printing Digital Innovation Center of Fengtai Park, a subdivision of Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park, will select some prize-winning projects to incubate in their park;

  4. We would match relatively mature technologies/projects or those that can be made into products with investment, financing, and market resources whilst providing other support to commercialize these projects in an innovative way;

  5. We will provide continuous media coverage and publicity for innovative research and pratices of the prize-winning teams or individuals so as to expand their social influence.

(9) Ways to apply for the competition

1. Please visit the official website: http://2019.weichuang3d.com/gamia2019, click “Register” to begin the online registration process and submit the required materials;

2. You can also directly contact our consultants and send the registration information and materials of the entries by email to the designated contact person of the organizing committee.

Contact person:

Genie Lin: (E) songyigenie@outlook.com; (M) +86 18310791019

Fiona Tao: (E) 1051144702@qq.com; (M) +86 13611145649